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Sausalito, CA


December 30



Who i am?

i'm a first generation bilingual German/American who spent his childihood near Frankfurt Germany. I don't know why my profile says "Latin Boy". I am not a latin boy, but an American man over 50. An all around, multi-tasking, non-bitchy, marketing, public relations & social media generalist and creative leader. Inventor of the Google Satire Resume with video clips. An inexorably proud non - millennial who means what he says and says what he means. Does not believe in selfies or taking photos of the food he is about to eat. I am fairly well educated and attended the University of Florida ( don't laugh, it's a good school) I enjoyed English Literature the most when I was young and can quote quite a bit of poetry from Shakespeare, Wilde and others.


mountain biking, jogging, golf, soccer, documentaries, history, my boxer dog named Romulus Claudius Tiberius Agrippa Habakkuk Germanicus

I'm looking for ...

I'd like to find a single woman who has an attitude, but knows how to behave like a lady. Ideally, somebody who is somewhat educated, humorous, adventurous and loves animals and nature as I do. I have many variable sides to me, so if you too have various moods and proclivities, so be it. I'm somewhat conservative, but I really don't care if you are liberal or whatever. Please no trannies or freaks, not interested! ,

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